If you have donated blood with Stanford Blood Center, you’ve been enrolled in our Rewards Program. For each donation (or attempt to donate), you’ll be awarded points that you may redeem for items from our online Rewards Catalog. It's our way of thanking donors for their generous support of our community's patients.

What are the benefits of your donor Rewards Program?

As a show of appreciation to our donors, we award points for each attempted donation at SBC. Points can then be used to order a variety of fun items from our online Rewards Catalog.

Popular items include Baskin Robbins coupons, travel mugs, shirts, caps and more.

How do I check my points?

If you are already logged into your account, then simply click on the Donor Info tab at the top of this page.

How do I earn points?

Whole blood, platelet and plasma donations earn points on this schedule, per donation, within a calendar year:

  • Visit 1 = 100 points 
  • Visit 2 = 125 points
  • Visit 3 = 150 points
  • Visit 4+ = 175 points


What if I am a Double Red Blood Cell (DRBC) donor and can only donate a maximum of three times a year?

If you donate DRBC, then points are earned on this schedule, per donation, within a calendar year:

  • DRBC Visit 1 = 200 points 
  • DRBC Visit 2 = 225 points
  • DRBC Visit 3+ = 250 points

Do points expire?

Yes. After two years of inactivity (from donating and accessing the Donor Loyalty Store), points will expire. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances, then please contact the Donor Relations team at 650-736-7786.

If I come in to donate but am deferred, then do I still get points?

Yes. Even if you are unable to make a donation that day, we want to show our appreciation for the time you’ve taken to help our community’s patients.

Do I get points for donating blood to the SBC research program?

Yes. Research donors will accrue points at the same rate as whole blood, platelet, and plasma donors.

I don't always have access to the Internet. Are there other options for ordering from the Rewards Catalogue?

Yes. You can call us at 650-736-7786 and we will place an online order for you over the phone.

Are my points transferrable?

Points are non-transferrable.